Face Marma Massage

The marma Massage is one of the five approaches to natural healing according to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian holistic system. In Ayurveda, specific marma points or energy centers are used in massage to improve energy flow in the body, thereby revitalizing it and helping prevent disease and ageing.” In Sanskrit, marma means vulnerable or sensitive zones. Marma Therapy for the face improves the micro circulation that feeds the facial tissues and tones the muscles surrounding the Marmas. This brings many visible benefits to your skin and complexion. It can also offer relief from insomnia, neuralgia, tired eyes caused by eye strain, sinus congestion, tension headaches and tension in the jaw. Marma Therapy helps to dissolve tension held in the facial muscles and is deeply relaxing for the body as a whole.


  • Improvement of facial skin and muscle tone.
  • Relaxation of facial and eye muscles
  • Relief from tension headaches and facial pain
  • Alleviation of stress and anxiety
  • Overall physical and mental relaxation
  • Stimulation of meridian points on the face
  • Relief from eyestrain
  • Correction of liver and gall bladder imbalances
  • Relief of neck tension
  • Alleviation of nervous disorders
  • Relief of premenstrual water retention